Thursday, December 13, 2007

Money Can’t Buy Me Hate

A reader on Jihad Watch yesterday, reacting to an article—Saudis spending big to promote Islamic studies their wayabout how Saudi Muslim oil wealth is ostensibly buying influence in Academe to further Islamic propaganda, posted a rhetorical question couched in an exclamation:

I remember when a wealth Texan offered Harvard 20 million dollars to establish a chair for the study of Western civilization. His only condition was that he be permitted to appoint the Professors to teach the courses.

Harvard turned down the 20 million because it wasn’t compatible with the Muticultural, diversity philosophy of Harvard, and might offend minorities.

What's going on here!

What’s going on here is obviously that the use of billions and billions of dollars by Saudi and UAE Muslims to spread their ideological influence throughout the West (in the form of, among other things, the nourishment of anti-Western extremism in Islamic organizations and mosques in the West, and also the sustenance of politically correct programs in Academe and political think tanks that carefully whitewash and sugarcoat Islam) is, as I have argued before, not by itself sufficient to actually buy what those Saudi and UAE Muslims want to see actualized in the West.

Something more is needed for such an effect desired by those trillionaire Arab princes, sheikhs and emirs: an already existing ideological pre-disposition among the many Westerners—whether in Academe, in news media, or in politics—who are being targeted with those de facto bribes. And that already existing ideological pre-disposition among so many Westerners is what I have been analyzing on this site (and on my other blog, The Hesperado): Politically Correct Multi-Culturalism (PC MC), which over the past 50-odd years has become dominant and mainstream throughout the West, infecting the minds of not only“Elites” in Academe, news media and politics, and not only of “Liberals”, but also of millions of ordinary people.

Of course, any given society, no matter how healthy and moral it might be, will have a certain percentage of people of sufficiently low morals that they would sell their country’s security for a pot of gold.

However, the normal baseline presence of such a percentage could not possibly be as high as is in fact reflected by the West in our time, with its innumerable Westerners in all positions of life—whether high, middle or low—expressing themselves and behaving in such dhimified ways. It cannot be that the modern West as it is now in our time is predominantly populated by people who would knowingly and willingly, with full clarity of mind, endanger their societies merely for a suitcase of cash—unless one is ready to say that most of the West is now profoundly amoral, which no matter how much imperfection one sees normally happening, does not seem to be a rational explanation; for there is plenty of morality and robust health to the West today, notwithstanding all its problems.

Some other factor must explain how it is that Muslim money can effectively buy so many Westerners today.

And that other factor is PC MC, by which the Westerner is already ideologically (and psychologically) predisposed to further the cause which the Saudi or UAE donor wishes him to further. All it takes is an infusion of cash to ensure that it get going and be sustained, in whatever venue is being targeted. I mean, people don’t work for free—not even PC MC idiots: they too need to be rewarded, in this case for doing what they do best: excessively criticizing their own West while at the same time whitewashing and sugarcoating the West’s greatest enemy of our time. Both endeavors are labors of hate: self-hatred of the West, and Islamic hatred of the Infidel—purchased by the Muslims to be sure, but not as a bribe to otherwise ambivalent or sociopathic individuals, for money by itself cannot buy such hate: rather, as a reward and further stimulus for what is already rife and fertile amongst their ancient enemy, the Infidels.

In the case of this financial relationship between the Saudi and UAE Muslims and our gullible Westerners, we have, in the mind of said Muslims (if they are smart), a case not of “my enemys enemy is my friend”—but rather the perverse situation of “my enemy is my friend because he is his own worst enemy!”.

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