Friday, March 28, 2008

Esdrujula Watch 2

Earlier this month, I posted yet another instance of Hugh Fitzgerald employing his “Esdrujula Explanation” to explain the massive, dominant and mainstream phenomenon of Politically Correct Multi-Culturalism (PC MC).

And I explained there how Hugh’s “explanation” explains nothing, but only describes the superficial contours of the problem.

Today on Dhimmi Watch, Robert Spencer, in one of his signature editorial remarks he uses to introduce news stories, shows yet again his agreement with Hugh’s severely delimited non-explanation of the single most important obstacle to the West waking up to the Problem of Islam:

“Eurodhimmis bow and scrape, condemn Fitna” and “EU condemns Dutch anti-Islam film” were the headlines.

And Spencer’s remark: Stupidity and spinelessness at high levels.

The reader will recognize two of Hugh’s little Esdrujula Elves in this remark: Stupidity and Timidity.

Again, the problem with Hugh’s “Esdrujula Explanation” is not that it is patently false: It describes, as I said above, within its severe limitations fairly accurately the superficial contours of the problem of PC MC. Yes, these non-Muslim EU politicians are being stupid; and yes, one factor motivating them, albeit only semi-consciously and illiterately, is fear of the inflammable, volatile fanaticism of Muslims—but this only describes the outward behavior of these non-Muslim EU politicians: it doesn’t explain why they are being so stupid, recklessly timid, and above all, so strangely irrational.

Now, I wouldn’t mind such superficial descriptions being employed by such influential Anti-Islamic analysts as Spencer and Fitzgerald, as long as they themselves clearly stated that these are merely convenient shorthand blurbs to describe the phenomena, and as long as they themselves elsewhere demonstrated a clear sense of the magnitude, dimensions and nature of the problem of PC MC whose superficial contours they elsewhere point to briefly, and for convenience. But no, Spencer and Fitzgerald never do these two things. And that’s why I have a problem with their analyses.

Since PC MC is the single most important obstacle to the West waking up to articulate a rational analysis of the Problem of Islam, and to take rational action therefrom, it behooves us to dig a little deeper into the massive substance of this mainstream and dominant phenomenon, and not remain suspended in pseudo-explanations as airy as fairies.


Anonymous said...

Hugh Yawn Fitzgerald is a silly man, he is very boring and writes long drawn out boooring arguments. Like Spencer he is also on the payroll of the Saudis. But I doubt he is paid by them as much as Spencer because AT LEAST SPENCER CAN WRITE OK.

Nobody said...

Given all the anti-Islamic stuff I write, I wish that even I was being as generously funded by the Saudis for my valiant efforts

champ said...

Mr. Willow Tree -

How did someone with your talent for acquiring the intimate details of how JW is funded end up here? Seems like a gifted guy like yourself would have bigger fish to fry than Hugh-Bert. Sounds like you're suffering from a bad case of sour grapes to me. Did you get banned from JW?