Monday, January 28, 2008

Outrunning the Elites? Not so fast, Hugh...

Hugh Fitzgerald observes today in a comments field of this Jihad Watch

The Infidels are learning too much, and getting fed up. They are, in much of Western Europe and certainly in this country, in their own grasp of the situation outrunning their own elites, and disinclined to tolerate the continued failure of those political and media elites to come to the same coherent understanding.

To which must be rejoined: Not so fast, Hugh. There is little evidence (other than a smattering of ill-conceived polls) to indicate that Infidels in general are “getting fed up” about the PC MC paradigm with regard to Islam.

At best, there do seem to be incipient, amorphous signs of a process of a percolation of
the dot-connecting linkage between Islam, on the one hand, and, on the other hand, all the disordered behaviors of various Muslims around the world (including terrorism, of course, but not limited to terrorism). So far, however, this percolation has, for the most part, been reflected in domains largely occupied by “Elites”: i.e., among certain politicos and here and there in various peripheries of the mainstream media. And let us emphasize that this percolation, while growing, is inching along still at a pathetically glacial pace.

If Hugh has evidence—outside of the still sociopolitically minuscule Blogosphere—of a broader more demographically diffuse phenomenon of “getting fed up” among ordinary Infidels, I would desperately like to see it.

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