Saturday, January 5, 2008

Jeffrey Carr -- a plum opportunity for Jihad Watch

In the comments field of todays last post on the firing of Stephen Coughlin, some bozo named Jeffrey Carr has made an appearanceapparently for the first time, so he sayswith several comments sure to fire up regular Jihad Watch readers who have spent months, if not years, educating themselves about the dangers and injustices of Islam and who arent about to take some upstart appearing out of nowhere to tell them that Islam is made of sugar & spice and that our Salvation will come from ignoring most pertinent knowledge of Islam itself while enlisting the millions of moderate Muslims of the world to somehow convince their tiny minority of extremists brethren that somehow, they have misunderstood what Islam really meansyou know, the Islam that Jeffrey Carr assumes must be the predominant Islam.

Anywho, my only suggestion for the Jihad Watch crowd is this: take this Jeffrey Carr seriously. Robert Spencer and/or Hugh Fitzgerald: Invite this Jeffrey Carr for a formal debate, to be published at Jihad Watchpreferrably in several parts.

Why do I suggest this? Not because Jeffrey Carr is offering anything new, or anything worthy of consideration about Islam. No. I offer up this suggestion primarily because Jeffrey Carr is representative of the vast majority of Politically Correct Multi-Culturalist idiots out there who are part of the dominant mainstream of our Western societies. People like Jeffrey Carr need to be engaged. He seems to be a perfect candidate for such a debate on Jihad Watch: he comes off as sincere and intelligentthe typical representative of all the millions of well-meaning, well-educated idiots whose minds have been deformed by PC MC.

Will such a debate have the effect of persuading Jeffrey Carr to rethink his idiocy? Probably not. But such a debate will have the effect of moving the articulate and intelligent representatives of Jihad WatchRobert Spencer and Hugh Fitzgeraldto explicitly notice, address and refute a most typical ambassador from the dominant and mainstream PC MC Reality that surrounds Jihad Watch.

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Jeff Carr has posted a response to the JW thread on his website. In it, he claims that Hugh is Spencer (where have we heard that before?) and cites "Rev Jim's" blog as if it is a credible authoritative source.

P.S. I didn't have time to sign in from where I am to post on the JW thread in question, nor to read all of Jeff Carr's claims. He did make the mistake of claiming that most Muslims don't want sharia, when in fact we have poll evidence that indicates that between 65% and 70-something percent of Muslims sampled in the largest Muslim countries do want "a strict application of sharia law in every Muslim country" and want a Caliphate. This was cited on JW and I have it in my records, which I don't have handy at the moment...One more reason why we need the Handbook. It bothers me that JWers seem to flail away at these apologists without having the correct approach and the appropriate resources at their fingertips.