Saturday, January 5, 2008

The firing of Stephen Coughlin

The article on Jihad Watch regarding the firing by Pentagon officials of the only analyst, apparently, who dared to probe Islam itself as a major font of terrorism, has generated many comments by Jihad Watch readers
none of them, however, from what I can tell, responding with clear wits about the larger problem the firing of Coughlin represents.

The larger problem is not that an elite society of Generals is too stupid and/or greedy to get the problem of Islam (with the implied notion that the vast majority of lower officers and simple soldiers below them do in fact get it).

The larger problem is not that their Commander-in-Chief, President Bush, is too stupid and/or greedy to get the problem of Islam.

And, of course, the larger problem is not that Democrats and Leftists in general are too stupid and/or ideologically treasonous (i.e., essentially colluding with the ongoing Gramscian
Revolution)for what, after all, have they to do with a Pentagon under Republican control for the past eight years?

No: The larger problem is that virtually everybody in the entire WestLeft, Right and Center; upper class, middle class and lower class; American, Canadian, Central and South American, British, European and Australianvirtually every damn body throughout the West believes in the Politically Correct Multi-Culturalist paradigm with respect to the Problem of Islam.

That paradigm may be succinctly and coherently adumbrated by a set of Ten Commandments. And the First Commandment is the linchpin that holds the rest together like glue:

Thou Shalt Not Blame Islam Itself.

For my recent analysis of these Ten Commandments, see here.

By the PC MC paradigm, Islam is simply off limits to substantive criticism. Its that simple. This axiom has been dominant and mainstream throughout the West for some decades now. It is not remarkable. What is remarkable, in my estimation, is that so many Jihad Watchers scratch their heads and wonder why the Pentagon could fire Stephen Coughlin. Theres no mystery there. And it is not because of some dastardly cabal of elites. The Pentagon is simply breathing the common air of the dominant and mainstream PC MC paradigm. In fact, we should be amazed if the Pentagon had not fired him.

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