Saturday, September 15, 2007

Spencer underestimates PC MC—yet again

In an
article on Jihad Watch today, Spencer reveals (yet again) his misapprehension of the full dimensions and nature of PC MC (Politically Correct Multi-Culturalism).

As usual, Spencer frames his misapprehension with spot-on analysis of the failure of a mainstream media analyst of the problem of Islam—in this case, Alan B. Kreuger writing for the Washington Post:

. . .it is in no way relevant to a discussion of terrorism in general, much less Islamic jihad terrorism in particular, to assert [as Kreuger did] that every major religious faith has had followers involved in terrorism. Its a shame that such superficial analysis is so dominant these days. While the statement may be broadly true, it brushes by the central question: does Islamic theology and tradition contain any elements that encourage its followers to be involved in terrorism? Do other religions? This is a central consideration of my book Religion of Peace?, and it is a question media and policymakers should be asking.

So far so good. But leave it to Spencer to add one more comment which nails him for his misapprehension of the problem of PC MC which he is otherwise accurately analyzing and decrying:

They [the media and policymakers, that is] dont ask [the appropriate questions about Islam], of course, because CAIR and others have mau-maued them into thinking that even to ask such questions promotes bigotry and intolerance, as well as that trumped-up concept Islamophobia.

Spencer vastly underestimates the breadth and depth of the sociopolitico-cultural influence of PC MC when he thinks that the reason why media and policymakers misdiagnose the problem of Islam is because they have been “mau-maued” by CAIR, et al. What Spencer does not seem to get is that there is no need to “mau-mau” media and policymakers in order to get them to consistently misdiagnose the problem of Islam: they do it naturally, automatically, gladly! They do it not because some group or other pressures them, but simply because such misdiagnosis, in their minds, represents an unremarkably correct diagnosis available all around them in the bright sunshine and clear blue sky of the real world, as that world has been framed by political correctness. It is only the bigoted, Islamophobic, racist, “far right” views—lurking in the dark of interstices on the Internet—that represent, to most people throughout the West, the misdiagnosis of the problem of Islam. The correct diagnosis, of course, is that Islam is a great, harmless and wonderfully ethnic Third World religion, and that the vast majority of its adherents around the world are harmless, “moms and pops just like the rest of us” with the added spice of being wonderfully ethnic, Third World peoples (who, as such, of course, can do no harm—unless they have become so “oppressed” by the evil white West that they have no choice).

No, if media and policymakers so readily do the bidding of CAIR, et al., it is only because they are already predisposed to do so. Were there not a dominant and mainstream PC MC pervading the sociopolitico-cultural atmosphere of the West—affecting millions of ordinary folks in addition to those dastardly “elites”—then media and policymakers would not be so impressionable. Far from needing to be “mau-maued” by CAIR, et al., our media and policymakers find that the views of CAIR, et al., simply restate and reinforce the prevailing truth of political correctness.

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