Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Hugh Fitzgerald finally goes official with the Benes Decree

Ensconced within a Dhimmi Watch
article published last August, mainly about something related (viz., a Dutch Muslim rapper, Appa, who recently threatened the life of Dutch politician Geert Wilders, and how this reflects the larger problem of Islam in Europe), Hugh Fitzgerald finally broached the subject of the Benes Decree which he has mentioned at length many times in the past, but always only in the Comments fields of various articles, never as, or within, an official article per se.

The Benes Decree in a nutshell was the enunciation and then concretization (in 1946) of the deportation of masses of people belonging to one particular group: Germans. Czechoslovakia, under the rule of classical liberals immediately after World War II, came to the rational conclusion that Germans, after all that their polity had done under Hitler, had to be kicked out of the country.

Hughs implication here is obvious. However, in this article, he fails to clarify two features of the analogy between the Benes Decree and the problem the West faces today with another particular group, Muslims:

1) Hugh, in all his comments relating the Benes Decree to the problem of Muslims in Western lands, both in the above-mentioned article and in various comments fields throughout the last couple of years, always seems careful to exclude Muslim citizens from relevanceeven though the main thrust of the Benes Decree was to expel precisely German citizens from Czechoslovakia. Hugh is being excessively gingerly here, and it tends to botch his own analogy that would make the Benes Decree relevant to the problem of Muslims in the West.

2) The Benes Decree came in the immediate aftershock of a hot and horrendous war officially galvanized and prosecuted by a German state, that directly impacted Czechoslovakia; we in the West exist in no such context with respect to Muslims per sewhich is perhaps why Hugh is being so gingerly about rationally applying the analogy to our current situation.

At any rate, the West cannot begin to broach the subject of deportation of Muslims and put that subject on the table even for consideration, until the First Commandment of Politically Correct Multi-Culturalism is noticed (for its actual sociopolitical dimensions), assailed and deconstructed: the commandment, that is, that

Islam and the vast majority of Muslims are to remain forever de-linked from any bad words and bad deeds particular Muslims and Muslim groups happen to say and do.

Until the collective analytical conscious of the West can overcome this apodictic commandment and begin to probe the manifold currents of influence linking Islam to the vast majority of Muslims and in turn linking to the dangerous and unjust Muslims that keep popping up all over the globe, we will not be able to put deportation on the table of discussion.

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