Wednesday, August 1, 2007

A good question from a Jihad Watch reader, illustrating Problem #4

In an article today about American Muslim Congressman Keith Ellison visiting with Muslim leaders in Iraq, Robert Spencer inserts a parenthetical editorial remark about the lack of the obligatory peace counter-greeting by Muslims to an American, as reported—but, of course, left improperly noted—by Ellison:

“. . .it is forbidden in Islamic law, to wish peace upon a non-Muslim. . .”

The commenter then asked in the Comments section his very fine question:

“Is there a document containing the Islamic law? I mean, so that it makes easy to show people how bad sharia is?”

Posted by: calatrava at August 1, 2007 12:27 PM

No answer from Spencer has yet been forthcoming in the day that has now passed since “calatrava” asked his good question; and I doubt there will ever be one (though I will keep checking that thread), even though this kind of simple and exigent question desperately needs to be supplied a complete answer. And not only this question needs to be answered, but many related questions as well, pertaining to setting forth

1) the dangers & evils of Islam

as well as

2) rebuttals of Muslim apologetics

in a concise yet complete manner—as I and others have pointed out when we have called for such a manual (or “booklet” or compendium), numerous times in various Comments sections at Jihad Watch, as well as here on this blog, on my Hesperado blog (for details see here), and at the Islam Watch website where long-time Jihad Watch readers and commenters have spent countless hours and labor, completely voluntary without remuneration (and without any acknowledgement of their labors from Spencer and Fitzgerald), to set up an ongoing project for doing what should be at least officially encouraged and spearheaded and assisted by Robert Spencer and other influential anti-jihadists like him.

The question from the Jihad Watch poster I cited above points to one of the many things such a compendium would cover. Surely, Spencer knows the answer: after all, he has many times—either in articles on Jihad Watch or in his essays on Front Page or in his many appearances on debate panels over the years—made remarks about what Islamic law does, or does not, prescribe. Granted that there is not a single, tidy source out there that contains all of Islamic Sharia law in one convenient format, nevertheless, Spencer would not be able to—and should not—pronounce upon any of the points of it unless he has sufficient knowledge of it to be able to answer that poster’s very good question.

The answer may not supply “a document” per se (as the questioner “calatrava” wondered), but there must be something to supply, and Spencer has been long remiss in supplying this—or at the very least helping to supply this—, along with all the other key components of the compendium we all need urgently in our War of Ideas against those—the majority—around us beholden to the PC Multiculturalist paradigm by which Islam and the vast majority of Muslims remain forever sanitized from terrorism and off-limits to all substantive criticism.

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