Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Some Jussives for Hugh and Robert

Let us pray, meanwhile, that the Mr. Fitzgeralds and Robert Spencers of the world (who, unfortunately, are all too few) one of these mornings wake up to issue into their shaving mirror (or beard-trimming mirror, as the case may be) a series of jussives to themselves:

  • Notice Political Correctness in its proper nature and dimensions!

  • Get agitated about how Political Correctness is the main reason why, for so many years now, you have been having so much difficulty communicating excruciatingly reasonable precautions to your fellow Westerners!

  • Convert this agitation into useful energy!

  • Spend time researching (and lucubrating upon) this formidable problem!

  • Analyze this problem!

  • Contribute to a project of dismantling this absurd construct that has triumphantly infiltrated every nook and cranny of the West!

  • For every three essays you write on Islam, write one on the debilitating and suicidal effects of Political Correctness, and one on the nature and dimensions of Political Correctness that explain its mainstream dominance!

  • Get cracking!

  • And stop picking on the “Dr. Peppers” who are trying to nag you about this most urgent need in our War of Ideas against Islam!

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