Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Introduction: Opening Salvo

First, let it be clear that I am, for the most part, a supporter of Jihad Watch (and of its sister site, Dhimmi Watch).

Second, I make no bones about the fact that one significant motivating factor for the creation of this blog here has been my being banned—for the fourth time in a matter of a year or two—from participating in the Comments sections of the Jihad Watch site. I’m pissed, and this blog here will help relieve some of my annoyance.

Third, the main motivating factor for the creation of this blog here, however, is my conviction that Robert Spencer and even more significantly his Number Two Man, Hugh Fitzgerald, continue to labor under a serious misapprehension and misunderstanding of the nature and scope of Political Correctness.

This blog here will be, therefore, a log and analysis of the myopia and the lapses in judgement expressed by Messrs. Spencer and Fitzgerald with regard to the problem of Political Correctness.

Insofar as Mr. Fitzgerald tends to do more analysis than Mr. Spencer, and insofar as Mr. Fitzgerald’s analytical pieces tend to be broader in scope than Mr. Spencer’s—which tend to pertain more to the exegesis and history of Islam itself than to the Western response thereof—this blog here will tend to tilt more toward, and at, Mr. Fitzgerald.

My concern about this myopia at Jihad Watch, in fact, is the reason why I have been banned from Jihad Watch so many times. My posts have been deemed to constitute what Mr. Fitzgerald labels a “hobbyhorse” which ought not to be tolerated on the site. I have been allowed by Mr. Spencer and Mr. Fitzgerald to return to comment at Jihad Watch under different names. There are two reasonable explanations for that: 1) I tried to moderate my “hobbyhorse”; and 2) my posts (as is the case of the majority of posts there by others) are for the most part intelligent, mature and contribute valuable insights and information for the community of readers of Jihad Watch. Of course, as for #1, I obviously did not sustain my moderation of my “hobbyhorse” sufficiently, and therefore I ended up being banned, one time after another.

Note: This blog here is not intended to be a denunciation or denigration of Jihad Watch nor of its agenda and mission as a whole.

For more insight into my views on the problem of Political Correctness (as well as the problem of Islam), see my other blog, The Hesperado. One particular essay at The Hesperado—entitled The Myopia at Jihad Watch about PC—will not only serve as a useful and substantive introduction to the themes that will occupy Jihad Watch Watch, but also contains within it pertinent links to some of my other essays on that blog more centrally concerning the problem of PC.

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